Russell's Pharmacy - Patient-centered Services since 1949

With more than 60 years of providing excellent health care services, medicine and advice, Russell’s Pharmacy still has a special place in the hearts of many Mpumalanga residents.

  • Russell's Pharmacy
  • Syd Russel bought the pharmacy from B. Owen Jones

  • Piet Meyer joined the company

    Anyone who has paid "Piet Pille", as he is affectionately known, a visit over the past 40 years can attest that he is an energetic and caring pharmacist who alwats offers great advice and strives to help each and every customer.
  • Hanru Prinsloo joined the company

    Together, Piet and Hanru continued to foster the pharmacy's culture and spirit, centered on teamwork and integrity to ensure their customers and patients come first.
  • Sabelo Zulu joined the company

    Sabelo, commonly known as "Zulu", adamantly sets on to emphasize the pharmacy's goal of being an integral part of the community through personalized patient care and service.
  • To this day

    Piet, Sabelo and the Russell's Pharmacy team continue to prioritize and improve the quality of life of their patients.
  • We continue onward...